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We all are aware of the benefits of Nature Walking and it is always described as a mindful practice which lets your senses absorb everything. Nature walking is one of the main aspects for people to visit Dandeli, where Nature is at its best. The air is always pleasant and moist with the morning dew. As you walk deeper into the forest, the noise of vehicles reduces and the melodic chirping of various birds surrounds us. It’s an awesome sight to watch closely the activities of birds and animals in their natural habitat. Dandeli is filled with a picturesque backdrop of paddy fields,blue mountains on one side and dense forests on the other side. Here we could spend the whole day just walking around watching birds,butterflies and animals. Walking in the forest will take you deep into nature, as greenery all over the place is so soothing to eyes.So Dandeli is a very good choice for us to take a break ,relax from our daily activities and spend time with Nature. 

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